Start your own successful house cleaning business with the best proven formula on the market! A cleaning business plan with the information you need.

  • Learn what a maid service customer really wants“I just want a regular cleaning, I have had maid service before, but I’m looking for someone else.” Find out what customers really mean when they say that. Learn why an unsatisfied new prospect can be turned into the best customer you’ve ever had.
  • 15 Video Series Workshop with the Leading Expert – Adriana Ross is the owner of an elite maid service located in the heart of Dallas TX., and an active member of the cleaning industry. She will provide you exclusive access to her “Start Maid Service Business Workshop” which consists of 15 lecture videos
  • Lifetime Online Membership Private Access – gain access to all your information with your own private access user and password. Your membership never expires, this ensures continuous access to future upgrades!


This complete system includes both ebook and video instruction.

Immediate Results Kit EBOOK includes…


  • Start Right – Legally Start Your Cleaning Business Plan. This Process is required to ensure your business is established legally. Having peace of mind knowing that you are starting your new venture legally is priceless!
  • First 10 Customers – Find your first 10 customers (2 a day) and how to get them to agree to having their cleaning done during the week and in the day time… Gone are the days of having to clean for your customers on Sunday mornings!
  • Cleaning Right – Method to the madness, learn the best way to clean a room, even a messy room, as fast as possible. Without skipping, or rushing your cleaning. The end result will be a quality cleaning with a wonderful aroma in the air!
  • Quoting Right – Quote accurately every time. Whether quoting over the phone, in person, or through email, learn how to quote accurately each time. Become the leading cleaning service in your area mastering and winning 85% to 95% of your in-home estimates.
  • What to Charge – we know you are NOT running a charity, you must make a profit at each and every cleaning, this kit comes with the valuable information of producing a profit every time you step into a new job.


15 Video Series includes…

  • Workshop to a Successful Cleaning Business Startup – receive direct access to this 15 Video Series Workshop. Each video gets straight to the point, no fluffed lectures which is perfect for keeping you engaged. The topics are:
    • Intro – Take a PEEK at this vid below!
    • About the Workshop – (3mins 23secs)- Looking for a business with low overhead and immediate pay? Desire to own a business with family friendly hours? Know of someone making a killing cleaning houses? Want in on the action?
    • Starting a Cleaning Business -(9mins 51secs)- Owning a cleaning business will make you more lucrative than other types of businesses.
    • Types – (14mins 28secs)- Find out the best type of cleaning business to start according to your individual needs.
    • Commercial Versus Residential – (12mins 45secs)- Go even further by comparing the 2 most common cleaning services.
    • The Cleaning – (10mins 36secs)- Lets talk about what lies behind the best type of cleaning you can provide to maximize your profits and in effect making your job easier all while avoiding complaints.
    • The Competition – (11mins 33secs)- Find out who your real competition is and how you can easily squash them.
    • Marketing Part 1 – (14mins 13secs)- In Part 1 discover the benefits of selective marketing. Where you want your marketing dollars to go and what to avoid wasting your money on.
    • Marketing Part 2 – (14mins 6secs)- Among the topics is Bartering, it’s a guaranteed sale and you get to work with customer that would otherwise not be able to afford you. Most barter customers will gladly pay your asking price without giving it a second thought.
    • Sales – (7mins 38secs)- Be able to sell top dollar cleanings. Gone are the days of cheap customers that leave you scraps to take home.
    • Legal – (7mins 58secs)- Keep the IRS, your Comptroller and the local labor board away by following some simple rules.
    • Maid Service Software Part 1 – (8mins 42secs)- Besides scheduling and your customer database, learn about what your software needs to do to get you to maximum money.
    • Maid Service Software Part 2 – (12mins 16secs)- Avoid software that is full of fluff and no substance.
    • Workshops Part 1 – 1 (7mins 22secs)- Individual workshops for the profitable cleaning business owner.
    • Workshops Part 2 – (8mins 49secs)- Cont.

The feedback our system has received:

The speech I use when giving a quote over the phone is the exact same one I learned from the ebook. It has not failed me yet! I even memorized it so it can flow easier! Best Cleaning Business Plan out there! Jennifer Diaz, Columbus OH.


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, I mostly bought this program because of the detailed ebook, but while looking at all the other things this kit provides I was pleasantly surprised! Definitely got my moneys worth!Laurel Murphy, San Diego CA


It was a delight to wake up the next morning ready with my flyers and knowledge. I will never forget everything I learned! I think all the information I received was so much more than what I paid for. Thank you for making this affordable for me!Terry Warner, Phoenix AZ





  • Starting Right: approx $250+
  • First 10 Customers: approx $200+
  • Cleaning Right: approx. $250+
  • Quoting Right: approx $250+
  • What to Charge: approx $250+

TOTAL approx. cost: $1200!

And that is for one call/meeting for each subject! You will receive all of this in video and pdf so you can use it over and over again! PLUS we will give you lifetime membership access so that when we update the information there is NO extra charge!

The Most Comprehensive Cleaning Business Plan out there for 2016!

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